Creating United Significance to Enable United Success

Every year, United Success holds an annual symposium to bring its members together to network and build deeper relationships. This year, our United Success Global Symposium will be in Accra, Ghana!

 Check out the details below and sign up to experience vibrant west Africa, meet some of Ghana’s top business entrepreneurs and connect with other members from all over the world.

“Creating United Significance to Enable United Success”

With this theme in mind, we want to ensure that participants will build profound relationships with almost all attendees. Therefore, every aspect of the programming is meticulously planned with this intention in mind.

Important dates:

  • Saturday, 3 June through to Wednesday, 7 June
  • Additional exposure tours: 7 and 8 June

Venues (to be confirmed):

The primary Symposium venues most likely are:

Symposium fee:

USD 700 – EARLY BIRD fee (valuable till 15 March)

USD 1,100 – Regular fee

These fees include:

  • Food and programming during entire symposium
  • Accommodation at Safari Valley Resort (or equivalent)
  • Transportation during symposium

These fees exclude:

  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodation at Lancaster Hotel Accra (please arrange your own booking; more details on this will follow)
  • Visa
  • Extra tours after official symposium programme
There are visa requirements for entering Ghana. We will therefore prepare invitation letters to help facilitate the process for applying for visas in good time. 

Registration is now open!

  • You can express your wish to join us in Ghana by signing up using the form on this page.
  • Registration is open for all members of United Success Global.
  • Do you wish to bring someone who is not a member yet? Then please send an e-mail to so we can start the member enrolling process. We would be happy to welcome more United Success members!

We are thrilled to be able to meet each other live again this year and look forward to lots of reconnecting, sharing and inspiring opportunities with dear fellow United Success sisters! Any questions? Drop us a mail at!

Check out our full programme below and start looking forward to an amazing event together again!



  • Arrival of delegates
  • Symposium Welcome Registration at Lancaster Hotel 
  • Welcome Night & Registration 
  • Interaction among delegates amidst cultural display with cocktail

4 June, SUNDAY

  • Opening Plenary
  • Presentation by Bernice on her Eco Friendly Bamboo Bicycles, including cycling opportunity!
  • A Fun Skill Share – African Style: Bead making
  • Knowledge Share Sessions

5 June, MONDAY

  • Check out 
  • Industrial Visit to Design Technical  Institute – East Legon, Mempeasem
  • Travel to Safari Valley Resort (or equivalent)
  • Confidant Council Sessions
  • Plenary session with Ghana Business Leaders: Grace Amey Obeng, Constance Swaniker, Sheila Bartels and others


  • Canal Breakfast
  • Members “Paying It Forward” with their business ideas
  • Themed and Facilitated Panel Discussion
  • Afternoon: free for shopping, safari games & tour, relaxing
  • Gala Dinner and Farewell


  • Breakfast and Bye Bye for the Official Symposium



Tour of Asenema Waterfalls and Aburi Botanical Gardens


Departure to Cape Coast

  • Kakum National Park
  • Elmina Castle / Cape Coast Castle

Return to Accra or overnight in Cape Coast Area


Virtual Symposium 2022 Three days at our Virtual United Success symposium last May 2022 brought back the spark to us with exciting, meaningful content about turning the tables on cyber crime with Keith Raymond, the value of storytelling with Karin Kiesl, the emerging Metaverse with Annelize Booysen, and two visits to member sites to learn about a large industrial valve manufacturer, Invincible Valves, the business of member Pam Duplessis in South Africa, and Brightloops, creator of clothing from yarn made from discarded clothing in the Netherlands, the business of member Ellen Mensink. Beautifully was setup for us beautifully by Little Big Productions from South Africa with our intrepid emcee, member Alexandra Yung. We even had a surprise visit by Sophia the Robot, first non-human to be recognized by the UN. We now know why we really need to meet in person in 2023.
check out the event Video »

Kenya 2019

The Kenya Symposium showcased the dichotomy of the city of Nairobi. The heart beat of tech innovation, its world class hospitality, and the reality that is urban living on the African continent. The three day event gave podium to Kenyan entrepreneurs that are making an impact globally through their businesses and social causes. Members also visited the Amboseli Nation Park to experience the Kenyan Wildlife amidst impactful knowledge share sessions.

check out the event Video »

Belgium 2018

Belgium 2018 This symposium was hosted in the city of Bruges. The members got to enjoy the sights and sounds of this picturesque town through carefully thought out venues and a delightful selection of speakers varying from representatives from the European Union, entrepreneurs building innovative and environmentally sustainable businesses to provocative conversations with renowned journalists.

check out the event Video »

Portugal 2017

Our Lisbon Symposium was a wonderful mix of deep sharing, history and serious fun. An excellent selection of absolutely stunning venues and culinary delights with world class speakers from across the globe. The networking was truly memorable with many members finding time to connect through carefully thought out activities. Certainly one of the most memorable symposiums.

check out the event Video »

Hong Kong 2016

The Hong Kong Symposium saw attendees enjoy the sights and sounds of Asia. We deeply understood the business environment and unique way of doing business in a different culture. Members heard first hand about businesses that are thriving in China, despite perceived language and cultural challenges. We experience first hand the famous Asian hospitality. Attendees also visited a fishing village that was a great authentic experience.

check out the event Video »

Italy 2015

The Rome Symposium was both a unique historical journey into the Roman past and a personal journey focused on business growth. The Confidant Council sessions offered a unique opportunity to share current business challenges within the trusted group of United Success members. Other members share immediate and insightful input and provide new and refreshing perspectives. This valuable deep dive into our businesses was of course enriched by Italian cuisine and the outgoing spirit of the Roman people.

check out the event Video »

The Netherlands 2013

The first United Success symposium was in Amsterdam, bringing together women entrepreneurs from all over the globe. It was the spring board for the trusted global network and for many more successful and meaningful annual symposiums.

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