Inspire and change the world in the feminine spirit

United Success Global is a world-wide network for established women entrepreneurs who are ready to inspire and change the game through collaboration. The members are personally selected from all continents of the globe.

United Success Global members from all over the world

Hong Kong, Canada, The Netherlands, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, United States, Belgium, China…


United Success Global has created a far-reaching trusted environment for women to freely share challenges, ideas and contacts. Trust is our anchor that makes everything possible.


We are connected with each other and with communities and the world around us. It’s what enables us to make positive impact. It is our fundamental quality, the essence of United Success Global.


Small or large business owners, together and individually we create impact with what we believe in and what we do. This is where we make a difference, also as a network.


We know our members personally and our members know each other personally. Through United Success Global we know each other, even if we have not yet met. It makes us unique in how we run the network.

Meaningful Annual Symposiums

United Success Global is a value-driven network that is passionate about its community – ‘We love to connect!’ Our Annual Symposium takes place in a different global location each year and enables our community to knowledge-share and take part in discussions which are meaningful and relevant to business and personal growth.

Spirit of the founder

United Success Global was founded in 2008 by Dutch entrepreneur and impact investor Corinne Heijn. She holds the strong belief that by connecting and uniting like-hearted, game changing women entrepreneurs, their positive impact on an inclusive and sustainable world will amplify. Corinne signaled that an established woman entrepreneur is often on a lonely journey as not many can relate to her business situation. This implies she has no immediate business advice available. Her own personality and culture may also form an obstacle that does not allow showing vulnerability. Today Corinne's beliefs are still at the core of the purpose of United Success Global.

Let’s meet up in real life to share the global feminine spirit and inspire the world

Meet your local chapter, join the annual symposium, share in the spirit of United Success Global.