United Success is a GLOBAL network, that becomes your PERSONAL network

United Success Global is unique because of

  • the members themselves
  • the trusted and safe environment
  • the impact focus
  • the meaningful world-wide connections
  • women entrepreneurs amplifying the global feminine spirit

Inspired to join?

Members of United Success Global are knowledgeable women. They are each other’s equals and true peers. More specifically a member of United Success Global is a woman entrepreneur who:

  • runs her established business, large or small

  • makes a difference, creates positive impact, and pays it forward

  • shows entrepreneurial spirit and creativity

  • is inspired by others or something and shows a certain energy

  • is sincere and wants success for other United Success Global women entrepreneurs

  • understands the value of networking and collaboration

  • respects other cultures and embraces the diversity of perspectives and insights

  • is an inspiration to others and is often perceived as a role model

  • is personally recommended by one of the members

Become a member in three steps

1. Get Introduced

The power of a personal invitation is what retains United Success Global’s unique offering. Only when face to face one can determine the true nature of a person. New members therefore are referred through our members. If you want to get in touch with a local chapter, contact us through the website. When in touch with the community, come to meetings and express your interest.

2. Get Onboarded

Credibility is a vital characteristic of the United Success Global network. Getting involved implies sharing our core values.

Each member therefore signs the United Success Global code of conduct

During onboarding, invoicing for membership fees is done and more information on member programming is shared.

3. Get Involved

There is no greater value than personal meetings, recognizing that ones experiences are what enrich the network. Our members commit to local meetings and to the Annual Symposium. Contribute through your spirit, your time, your network, your business learnings.