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United Success is a GLOBAL network, that becomes your PERSONAL network

Why Join United Success Global?

United Success Global is distinctive because of:

  • The members themselves, a vibrant community of knowledgeable women and true peers.
  • The trusted and safe environment that fosters a culture of collaboration and support.
  • The impact focus, driving positive change and contributing to a better world.
  • The meaningful world-wide connections, bridging borders and embracing diversity.
  • Women entrepreneurs who amplify the global feminine spirit and serve as inspirations to others.

Become a Member

Together, we enhance our potential for success and make a positive impact within our communities. We establish a foundation of professional  practices that complement the predominantly masculine business culture, systems, and structures. By uniting, we amplify the global feminine spirit, manifesting in integral, inclusive practices in business, communities, and politics.

Central to our united success is the formation of a circle of trust. Our network goes beyond outward business achievements; we also address questions, grapple with dilemmas, and share successful solutions and valuable contacts for the benefit of all.

Confidentiality holds paramount importance within our network. Members can confidently reach out to one another because each individual within our organization is trustworthy both as an entrepreneur and in their interactions with others.

While our membership primarily grows through referrals and invitations from current members, we are extending a warm invitation to anyone who feels called  to join United Success Global. We value your potential contribution and believe your presence will enrich our network.

Meet regularly online with our global member base, participate in our in-person annual symposium, meet or form a local chapter for more in-person meetings – in short: share in the spirit of United Success Global.

Next Steps

If you are interesting in becoming a member, these are your next steps”

  1. Please read the United Success Global Code of Conduct, Upon registration, you will be asked to confirm having read and understood this Code by signing the document.
  2. Please check out our different membership types below.
  3. Complete the membership form (link below).
  4. We will process your registration.An invoice will be sent to the email address you provide.
  5. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send a welcome email to you and an invitation to you to complete your profile on our website.
  6. Through this account, you can share even more information about yourself, your business, and your hopes and expectations.
  7. Your joining our community will be shared with the rest of the network so that everyone gets to know you!

Different types of membership

Regular Members

Sustaining Members

Descriptioncommit to the goals of the organization, participate in its activities and always think of the USG sisterhood first for resources to build, grow and strengthen women in businesssame as Regular Members plus:· support USG goals, its mission and vision through financial contribution to provide the initial corpus of the organization· commit to provide seed funding over a three-yearperiod
Adhere to the Code ofConductYesYes
Discounts on membershipbenefits, incl. symposiumYesYes
Attend Annual GeneralMeetingsYesYes
May recommend topics to be included in meetingagendasYesYes
Voting rightsYesYes
Membership fees (zone break-down onnext pages)USD $150 p/yUSD $2500 p/y for each of 3 consecutive years