What’s your net worth?

What’s your net worth?

We have said it before and we will say it again and again: your network = your net worth. No – this is not another boring article on networking. It is about a business imperative vital to your on-going success.

Networking has evolved from a transactional game into a transformational process. It’s not just about “who you know” or even “who knows you” – it’s now about “who you are becoming as a person.”

The world is becoming more transparent and those with integrity and honesty are now the ones who shine. The old game was a solo pursuit for gain. The new way is an inter-connected, giving community whose growth is accelerated by personal inter-action, social media and new technologies.

The new way to network and make new connections is based on interests and values and not on job titles. It’s no longer about power plays and more about what you value and how (and with whom) you want to get there….

So start reaching out to your network – and then, keep it brief. We know that every entrepreneur is in love with her/his own product. The mistake they make is believing that, because she/he loves it, everyone else will too. Your potential customers are so busy dealing with the rest of their lives, they haven’t got a spare second to give to your product/work of art/business, no matter how worthy or how much you love it.

So what’s the answer? Find out about the person- not what they ‘do’.

1) Reduce your message to its simplest, clearest, easiest-to-understand form.

2) Make it fun. Or interesting or informative. Or all three.

3) Apply that to all forms of communication.

UnitedSucces stands firm on the promise that our community is a select one and one that has transparency, integrity, ethics and a ‘pay-it-forward’ character at its core. You have been selected and we value you.

Are you leveraging your network? Are you using the tools we have developed for you to grow your net worth?

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