Use a Password Manager for Access Security

Use a Password Manager for Access Security

Most people have a number of online accounts, and each of them should have different passwords. However, trying to remember these passwords is hard, so it’s no wonder that most people use one password for all of their accounts. Fortunately, you can use a password manager and avoid all of this. This is a type of software that stores your login information for all of the websites you use, and then the program helps you to log in automatically every time you browse a particular website.

A password manager helps you to create a password that is secure and safe and all of the passwords which you choose for other sites will be managed by a master password. This will allow you to gain access to all other sites by using only one password. Your online accounts will be more secure than they have ever been.

The first time you visit a website, instead of putting your password in, you will open the password manager, and then enter the master password. The password manager will fill in the user name and log in information, which allows you to log into the website.

Managing your online life is very important. While it is simpler to use the same password for all of your accounts, this practice also helps hackers to easily access these passwords. If the password is leaked, a scammer will have access to all of your private information including name, password and email address, which means they can gain access to other websites. In addition, if a website is hacked and all the usernames and passwords are compromised, the hacker then plugs that same username and password into hundreds of critical accounts. This could give a scammer access to accounts such as PayPal or online banks.

Remember the tips to make your password strong and secure:

• A password should have a minimum of eight characters in length.
• Have a mixture of numbers and letters that should not spell any other word.
• Make sure to set a different password for every account. This is especially important for an account that contains sensitive information, such as banking sites.
• Consider changing the password frequently to ensure security and safety.

Are you changing your passwords as regularly as you should?

Adapted from an article by Robert Siciliano,

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