Top 10 books for entrepreneurs

Top 10 books for entrepreneurs

Best-selling books that people across the world have found useful to motivate themselves and grow as entrepreneurs.

How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be? by Jack Canfield

Canfield mentions the 25 Principles of Success – that have been a common thread among the most successful people from all walks of life.

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

“Simplicity is a complex form of sophistication“. This is a simple book and yet, reveals the most profound truths of life.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

First published in 1937 during the Great Depression, it still continues to be among the most best-selling books in the world.

New Ideas from Dead CEOs: Lasting Lessons from the Corner Office by Todd G.Buchholz

This delves deep into the histories of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and their business practices – like A.P. Giannini: founder of the Bank of America and Ray Croc, founder of McDonalds.

What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack

McCormack is the founder of the mammoth sports management company – IMG (International Management Group). He shares business inspiration and street-skills that can only be earned through decades in the entrepreneur play-field.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

A personal finance book that talks about the extreme difference in the thought patters of someone who is en-route to be a millionaire and someone who is stuck in a rat race.

Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson

Autobiography by the Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson. He is an inspiration to the new entrepreneur.

The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything by Guy Kawasaki

This book has advice for just about any point in your business from idea phase, to pitching, to executing.

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

Wine connoisseur Gary Vaynerchuk is the author of “Crush It!: a step-by-step how-to guide for people to change their passions into profitable businesses.

The 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

All about making enough money to be happy (and then spend the rest of your time living your life) instead of making as much money as you can.

Have you read any of these works and have they influenced your life and your business?

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