The Retention Challenge!

The Retention Challenge!

Our world is a global village, making our business competitor base global.

Keeping track of ever-changing trends, and the opportunities and threats created, is an on-going process. Many companies are finding that keeping up with this knowledge is putting pressure on their resources.

Add to this the strain of the current financial crisis, and it isn’t difficult to see why companies are reviewing the way they deal with human capita. They are seeking ways to bridge gaps – for business competitiveness locally and globally – and for building a stronger, independent thinking and creative workforce. But are they being effective?

In conversations with a group of young emerging female leaders recently I was surprised by the theme of their questions? “How do I survive in a man’s world? “ No!

Rather, “How can I prove my competency so that I can grow to the next level?”

Prove my competency? Why would they see this as a challenge for themselves?

Because they did not feel that their companies’ review process was an enabler. They felt that they were being overlooked. A point they emphasised was, “If I ask for development skills or personal growth-based training, I will not be considered a potential leader!” “I might not keep my job and I certainly won’t be promoted!”

As leaders, we need to be mindful of the overall impact our actions to remain relevant and successful have on our workforce. We have to aim to create a safe place for open dialogue so that the young bright minds we employ don’t take themselves off to a competitor because they feel undervalued.

Are you creating that safe empowering space?

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