The P of People

The P of People

People, Planet, Profit: the three P’s of socially responsible business. When it comes to implementing socially responsible strategies, everyone knows what is meant by profit. No explanation necessary. Planet is also self-explanatory since it lends itself to aspects which are measurable. But, People? That is the ‘soft’, complicated part.

We generally think that we simply tell our employees what they have to do, pay them a fair wage and that is that. But is it? Implementing and integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into everyday operations requires change. The problem? Most people do not like change.

To ensure the success of a change strategy, one must have one’s people on board. These people are the ones doing the work. The success of a plan depends on those who carry it out. So, include your people right from the start.

Communicate what it is that you are trying to achieve. Set up work groups to promote involvement and innovation. Nobody knows where improvements are necessary and possible better than the people doing the work.

And – very importantly – listen to them. People are remarkably resourceful and creative and capable of finding solutions. Do not overlook that. The more your people ‘own’ the ‘new’ way of working, the greater your success.

And remember, although the competition may copy your product or service, they can never copy the skills, know-how, commitment, loyalty and uniqueness of your people. A product or service is never more valuable than the precious people making or delivering it. Invest in your people! They are worth it.

Do you listen to your people?

  • by Dana van Hes – UnitedSucces Associate

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