The 4 Buyer Mindsets

The 4 Buyer Mindsets

A buyer may be in a position of authority and has the financial ability to buy, but they have to be in the right mindset. These are called “buying modes” and there are two categories – Problem Solving and Future Seeking. The wrong mindsets are “non-buying modes” also divided into two categories – Satisfied and Euphoric. Understanding which mode someone is in assist in the sales process.

Satisfied Non-buying Mode:
Leaders may recognise problems in their organisations, but they’re either satisfied with the status quo, or just not willing to put in the effort to improve. It’s a challenge to convince them they should be dissatisfied so put them on the nurture list and check in with them occasionally.

Euphoric Non-Buying Mode:
Euphoric non-buyers think everything is going well and they can handle it all themselves. They may be over-confident and don’t perceive a need, or they’re too busy keeping up with their success and don’t want to rock the boat. There’s little to be done to convince these buyers they need help, even if there are areas to improve.

Problem-solving Buying Mode:
Buyers are in problem-solving mode when something is bothering them or not performing up to expectation. When they realise that they want to fix it, they proactively seek out products or services to do so, or accept sales overtures from sellers to discuss their offerings. Share new ideas and possibilities with them for how to improve. Use stories to demonstrate how others have overcome similar problems in the past.

Future-seeking Buying Mode:
These buyers are looking to grow their companies and are seeking new and innovative ways to do so. Their business may already be doing well, but if they see a solution that can boost effectiveness, they’re open to it. Focus on their aspirations: ask questions to understand how to help them achieve the future they are seeking. Inspire them with ideas about what is possible if they use your products or services.

When buyers are in one of the two buying modes, they’re scanning the market for ideas and insights for what to do and what to buy to advance their business. Success will be much greater when time and effort are focused on these buyers rather than trying to convince those in non-buying modes that they need help.

Does your saes team actively seek out the right buyers?

Adapted from an article by Mike Schultz, RainToday

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