Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

When done right, social media can be a powerful way to connect with customers and communicate branded messaging. Mastering a few basics can give your efforts the best chance to succeed and capitalise on what these platforms can offer.

Incomplete profiles. Don’t overlook your ‘About us’ pages. These sections are a great place to tell your story, provide essential contact information, and link back to your company’s website. Connecting a business website with its corresponding social media pages helps identify official accounts.

One-way communication. Social media is about conversations. While traditional marketing tactics (billboards and paper advertisements), force brands to talk at consumers, social networks give you the chance to talk with them. Engaging with customers fosters relationships, brand loyalty and a positive reputation.

Spamming with sales pitches. Social channels require carefully crafted messages — not direct sales pitches. Posting a barrage of product links that scream “buy now” are often viewed as spam which will discourage followers and limit potential reach.

Being robotic, not human. Brands that use social media successfully add a human touch to their marketing strategy. A channel that seems on ‘auto pilot’ can make brands look detached and unauthentic. Avoid counter-productive tools that automate activities like following and responding to users.

Inconsistent branding. Posts should mirror the business and its goals. Staying on-topic and publishing relevant content will cultivate an audience of brand advocates. By coordinating graphics, colors, and slogans, a social media presence will exude professionalism.

Social media will continue to evolve with users’ expectations, changing as new capabilities are added. Regularly review your efforts to understand what’s working and ensure they are within best practices. Businesses that keep pace with social technology advancements will be better prepared to meet shifting expectations and remain successful.

Are you effectively using Social Media to communicate?

Adapted from an article by Christine Skiffington,

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