New Year celebrations around the world

New Year celebrations around the world

Revellers around the globe will be celebrating in a number of weird and wonderful ways – many of which put party poppers and bubbly to shame.

In Siberia and Russia, there is a tradition to dive into a frozen lake, while holding a tree trunk, which is placed under the ice. In Canada, people take part in the Polar Bear Swim, and jump into the freezing waters of The English Bay on New Year’s Day.

In Romania farmers try to communicate with their animals on New Year’s Eve. If they are successful it is believed they will have good luck for the next year.

Wearing red underwear in Italy on New Year’s Eve is thought to bring love, prosperity and good luck; in Bolivia, the underwear should be yellow, and will bring good fortune in the coming year.

Buddhist temples across Japan herald in the New Year by ringing their bells 108 times – one for each of the human sins in the Buddhist belief. Many Japanese people believe that the act cleanses them of the previous year’s sins.

Circles have long been considered sacred in the Philippines and feature heavily at New Year with people wearing polka dots, eating round fruits and tossing coins into pans. It is believed these practices will bring prosperity.

Armenian mothers bake special bread into which they knead love and good wishes.
In Greece an onion is traditionally hung from the front door of a house on New Year’s Eve as a symbol of rebirth. Parents wake their children the next morning by tapping them on the head with the onion.

Austrians see pigs as a symbol of good luck. They roast suckling pig and give gifts of marzipan or chocolate pigs. The Swiss drop a dollop of cream on the floor on New Year’s Day to bring luck and a rich year.

In the hope of having a travel-filled year ahead of them, Columbians carry around an empty suitcase on New Year’s Eve.

Share your New Year traditions!

Adapted from an article by Emily Payne, Daily Mail

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