Negotiate negotiate negotiate!

Negotiate negotiate negotiate!

The best two letter word for any negotiator is ‘IF’

When your client wants you to sharpen your pencil, or make a better offer don’t just agree – even if you can – always make your proposal part of a deal.

For example: “IF you increase your order I may be able to increase the discount.” Or,
“I am sure we will be able to reduce the price a little IF you are able to take one large delivery a month instead of small ones every week.”

“IF you are able to sign the order by Friday and IF you pay within 20 days I am sure my Sales Manager will agree to an extra 1%”

If you accept the first offer or give in too easily, good negotiators will always be wondering how much better a deal they could have secured. Make them work for it. You will get more, and they will be happier.

In negotiation we are often tempted to give something away to show good faith, or to “throw in a little sweetener”. That may make us feel good but what do you think it does to our negotiating opponent?

The more you have to work to get something the more you value it. This is as true in business negotiation as it is in life. The worst thing you can do to a good negotiator is to accept the first offer.

Are your negotiation skills polished?

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