Music is the Food of Business!

Music is the Food of Business!

In these tough economic times, it has become even more important and challenging than ever to attract and retain customers, while at the same time keeping your staff motivated.

Research conducted by an independent research company across a number of industries, from retail to leisure, estimates that more than a third of customers would be willing to pay 5% more for products and services from businesses that play music.

Therefore music is an important factor when considering the way you wish your customers to perceive your business. It can be used to differentiate two otherwise similar establishments by producing variations in their atmosphere. This may allow the establishment to attract different types of customers.

By considering the music that you play you can influence the way your customers behave within your premises. There is a link between the tempo of music and the activity of customers in different settings. As well as the extra takings generated from entertainment events, music can also influence customer choice and how much they are prepared to spend, for example.

Playing music within your business can also affect your employees as well as your customers. By considering the tempo of the music that you play you can influence the speed in which your employees work. It has been proven that playing music within your business can also lead to a happier workforce.

So when Shakespeare wrote “Let music be the food of love!” modern day research proves that it can promote a great deal of “Business Love” too!

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Information taken from studies conducted by A. North, D. Hargreaves and J. McKendrick and PPI.

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