Mobile is on the Move!

Mobile is on the Move!

We are all aware that mobile devices and apps are quickly replacing PCs and desktops. In fact, for 2014 it is expected that mobiles will pass PCs to become the most common web access tools, and therefore the primary source of networking, social sharing, advertising, business development, and connecting with the consumer market.

Mobility has been highlighted as being one of the top biggest tech trends expected for 2014. Based on the technology trends that are already in place, mobility will serve to transform how businesses ‘sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate, train, and educate’ over the next few years. The hard reality is, if you don’t use these technologies to create a competitive advantage, other businesses will.

In order to sustain a competitive edge, organisations need to become aware of the developing technology trends that are shaping the business environment, influencing customer expectations and demand and, as a result, work toward developing innovative ways to use mobile technology in a way that creates value for their business.

Mobility is definitely on the move. But the concept of mobility is so broad; it can become quite overwhelming and often feel like it is very difficult to decipher how to find practical ways to take advantage of this revolution.

Historically, businesses which went on any mobile journey became stuck in a complex process of employing developers, dishing out large amounts of capital and taking a significant risk, only to find that within a few months of settling into the process, the business industry had already changed. Companies were finding that they simply could not keep up – not to mention new challenges arising in terms of app maintenance and ensuring the new solution is bug-free.

New technologies do exist that are able to turn that “slow, complex and expensive” legacy approach on its head – technologies that are fast, customised and tailored for your specific business needs and processes. So, before you spend money, do some research and choose wisely what suits your needs.

Is your business keeping up in the mobile application race?

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