Marketing Messages!

Marketing Messages!

Do you spend much of your marketing time sending out messages that prospects never receive? How does this happen?

Accept that some of your messages aren’t reaching their destination. Emails are often lost in transmission or blocked by filters. Voicemails and text messages are no more reliable. Busy professionals often receive many more messages than they can answer and may delete voice mails and texts from unfamiliar numbers.

Don’t allow yourself to be defeated by a lack of response. Instead, consider the next step. Use more than one delivery method and follow up a telephone call with an email, or mail postcards to people on your electronic mailing list. Don’t allow too much time to elapse between contact attempts and repeat your offer every time you contact them as it reinforces the message and helps them to remember you. When speaking to someone, ask if they have questions you can answer.

Make sure your reception channels are open, too. Your outgoing voicemail message or email autoreply should welcome enquiries, not put people off by implying you’re too busy to return calls or emails promptly. Check your Junk mail folder regularly.

When a message elicits a response, ask the prospect how they heard about you, what made them contact you, or what element of your offer got their attention. Pay attention to any patterns, and see if you can do more of whatever is working.

Making personal connections through networking and referrals can make prospects receptive to email and phone calls from you. Cold-calling and mailing with no prior connection always makes it harder to get your message delivered.

Are you checking your marketing messages are being received?

Adapted from an article by C.J. Hayden,

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