Lead Like a Woman

Lead Like a Woman

Until recently, women pursuing leadership positions often had to emulate men to fit the existing power paradigm. However, the leadership dynamic has shifted and women are resisting the urge to “fit in”. Instead, they are creating new systems, new ways of thinking and new innovations that break the mould.

Leading like a woman means being yourself. You’ll be a more inspiring leader, you’ll be more focused and present in your everyday life, and you’ll build a stronger, more powerful and more sustainable organisation. Here are five steps to help you get started:

Embrace your “feminine” qualities. Qualities commonly associated with women, such as kindness, compassion and empathy, haven’t traditionally been considered leadership traits. However, in our increasingly connected world where the lines between work and life are blurring, good leaders need these qualities. Focus on tuning into the feelings and struggles of those around you, and leading a more holistic and communicative business.

Be true to yourself. By emulating masculine qualities to climb the corporate ladder, women ended up by trying too hard to be taken seriously and they concealed their true identities. Being open and honest about your emotions, values and fears is the best way to engage modern audiences.

Align your business values with your personal values. Working hard for a purpose or cause that is not aligned with who you are will leave you drained and incomplete. Building a business that’s fully aligned with your values allows you to be a force for positivity.

Share your story. Leaders inevitably have stories about how they achieved success. Your story might not seem special to you, but sharing that story to connect authentically with your staff, clients and investors is a critical part of a leading like a woman.

Paint your own vision. Your goals are unique, and they demand unique strategies. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to innovate and decide how you want to make your impact. Entrepreneurship allows us to make many of our own rules, so take advantage of that freedom.

The point is that sustainable success will not come from fitting into anybody else’s mould. Live your own life and lead like the woman you are.

How do you “lead like a woman”?

Adapted from an article by Sumi Krishnan, Forbes.com

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