How wealthy are you?

How wealthy are you?

We’re inclined to think of wealth in terms of one thing only – money. Sure, it’s probably the form of wealth that most people recognise immediately and want the most. But there are many more treasures to work towards. Consider;

  1. Physical wealth: if you want to become truly wealthy, go for physical wealth first. That will give you the means to start acquiring other forms of wealth.
  2. Relationship wealth: money means little when you are in your mansion feeling miserable because you are on bad terms with parents, partners, children, siblings or friends.
  3. Spiritual wealth: your values and the development of your spirit through prayer, meditation or contemplation. Many people never discover internal wealth.
  4. Wealth of purpose: it is a rich feeling if you know you have contributed to something worthwhile with your life.
  5. Wealth of memories: not everybody has happy memories. You have to invest in this wealth now by creating the memories you want to carry with you.
  6. Wealth of opportunities: learning to recognise opportunities that come your way, no matter how small they may be, and then use them.
  7. Financial wealth: this wealth is the easiest to spot, but not necessarily the easiest to acquire. There is no ‘get rich’ scheme that is sustainable. Set yourself financial goals, then work towards achieving them and you will be able to build wealth in this area.

Is this ranking right? What other forms of wealth are there?

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