Hawaii – Be Global, Act Local

Hawaii – Be Global, Act Local

According to Glenn Sexton the face of Hawaii’s business has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. National chains have replaced local businesses, but there are a few locally owned and managed companies that have remained intact over the years. What do these businesses have in common that has allowed them to continue to thrive? Respect for the Hawaii market — an understanding of what makes it different and how it operates.

Sexton believes in the “Be Global, Act Local” principal. Therefore it is essential that if you want to do business in Hawaii it is important to understand what local consumers expect. It means that if there is a business opportunity available, market research is essential. Advertising should reflect a local feel and customer service operators should be able to pronounce simple Hawaiian words and popular last names.

What else can you do to survive Hawaii’s business climate?

• Be proactive and responsive to customer trends and needs

• Build strong relationships and provide great customer service

• Hire good employees and offer valuable benefits to keep them

• Give back to the community

Doing business in Hawaii is a challenge and every business goes through its ups and downs. Those that continue to thrive have a clear understanding of what makes Hawaii different from other markets. In addition, they are constantly setting, measuring and monitoring revenue goals; analysing and eliminating unprofitable campaigns, products and/or services; investing in their employees; and developing strategies to attract, retain and increase business from their client base.

Share your Hawaiian business experiences.

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