Global Expansion Tricks!

Global Expansion Tricks!

Most entrepreneurs aim for globalisation. These five global expansion tricks could propel your business towards global superstardom.

  1. Outsource your call centre

This frees up your staff to focus on other tasks. Call centre agents are experienced at handling customers – all they need are your specific instructions and requirements. They can be available around the clock and they can speak whatever language is required. Outsourced call centre agents are constantly updated when it comes to current telemarketing and customer service rules and regulations. Be sure to pick a trustworthy firm with a commendable track record.

  1. Build your social media presence

Foster relationships and connect with relevant influencers that will help expand your network. Gain invaluable feedback on your offerings from customers. Some of the notable apps that can help support your efforts include HootSuite, Mention, and TweetReach.

Localise your website to encourage locals to warm to your brand but, at the same time, make your content global-friendly by translating it. There are many translation services advertised on the internet which are cost-effective.

  1. Reconsider your products and marketing

Thorough market research is a necessity to ensure you will be privy to the foreign market’s tastes and expectations.

  1. Stick to your budget

Create a formal budget that will help you manage your finances better and remember to pay yourself a reasonable salary! Consider savings – if you don’t need a large office space, then down-size. Hire freelancers who work remotely from home, and employ an accountant/business advisor. Be transparent about profits and losses and seek guidance where necessary.

  1. Be fair with both staff and customers

Valuing and rewarding the people who make your company what it is will earn your company a positive reputation which will be hard to break.

Are you positioning your business for global expansion?

Adapted from an article by Allen Watson, The Next Women

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