“The world is not short of ideas. It’s not. It is short of people who can execute them.

It is short of people who know how to take their aspirations and make a real impact on the world with them. What differentiates the great ideas that end up on the cutting room floor from those that wind up changing the world?”

Peter Sheahan’s new book, Making it Happen : Turning Good Ideas into Great Results is a must-read. Sheahan has a reputation for making it happen fast. By 30, he had established two international multimillion-dollar consulting practices and authored five books. In Making it Happen, he shares the strategies that make Google, BMW and Goldman Sachs his clients.

Sheahan suggests that there are five steps, or rather five competencies you can build that separate the haves from the have-nots, the doers from the talkers:

➔➔ Packaging: Taking your idea and transforming it into something you can sell,

something you can offer to the marketplace.

➔➔ Positioning: Aligning your offer to a market need, even if you have to move the market.

➔➔ Influence: Convincing the buyer that he or she needs it from you, then persuading them to part with precious time, money and energy.

➔➔ Acceleration: Getting the most out of the opportunity you have created and increasing the demand for what you have to offer.

➔➔ Reinvention: Taking your brand and expertise and opening up entirely new opportunities.

The above are not mantra for meditation, they are not positive affirmations that you chant to yourself in the mirror, they are actions.

Strategies are relatively simple; their execution is not.

Implementation challenges?

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