Employees – the Key to Being Green!

Employees – the Key to Being Green!

Green is the colour of money, but it’s also symbolic of the environmental awareness that more and more companies are embracing these days. If you want to reduce your negative impact on the environment, and make a positive impact on your public image, get your employees involved in “greening” your organization with these steps:

Recruit a task force

Ask employees to volunteer for a task force designed to encourage recycling, reduce energy use, or promote telecommuting. Allow them the time necessary for this so that the task force can be effective. Your workforce will take environmental initiatives more seriously if they spring from the ground up instead of being imposed by executives upstairs. You might be surprised by some of the innovative ways they embrace to make a difference!

Educate your workforce

Share with the team how their efforts will help the environment and the bottom line. For example, calculate the money you’ll save by cutting energy waste or using less paper. Tangible results like these can give your programme more credibility. It will allow you to connect how the “money saving” contributes towards company sustainability.

Offer some incentives

Look into reduced-fare programmes for commuters who use public transportation, or reward employees who bike to work. Ask for ideas and recognize people who make suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint. Even a little encouragement can go a long way.

Have some fun

Don’t make your environmental initiatives all serious and grim. Posters, awards, and celebrations will make your programme more enjoyable and tangible for everyone.

Do you have you some positive “Green Ideas” to share?

From an article by “Small Business Trends”.

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