Czech Republic – a rising number of female entrepreneurs

Czech Republic – a rising number of female entrepreneurs

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The country has a population of approximately 10.5 million – 1.2 million live in the capital, Prague, which is also the largest city.

The Czech Republic came into being in 1993 when Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. One of the most peaceful splits of the 20th century, it is often called “the Velvet Divorce”. After 40 years of Communist rule, the Czech Republic was the first Eastern Bloc state to acquire the status of a developed economy. It joined the European Union in 2004 but has retained its own currency, the Koruna.

The country includes the historical territories of Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia and with its rich cultural heritage and fine Baroque, Art Nouveau and Cubist buildings, it is a popular tourist destination. The country is also renowned for its numerous spa towns, especially along the border with Germany.

Czech and Slovak languages are mutually intelligible to people accustomed to the other language’s pronunciation. Czech people are mostly of Slavic descent but many people can also claim partial German ancestry as a result of the country’s 1000 years within the Holy Roman Empire or Austrian Empire.

Main exports are manufactured goods, machinery, cars, transport equipment and beer. Imports are petroleum, computers and electronic goods and vehicle parts.

Women have equal rights under the law in the workplace and Czech women have made great advances in recent years, and can be found in all areas of commerce and industry. Czech Radio recently reported that the number of female entrepreneurs has risen by more than 30,000 in the last three years.

The Czech business culture is formal. Appointments should be made in advance and punctuality is taken very seriously. The initial meeting be a preliminary one, attended by a gate-keeper rather than a decision-maker, so that your Czech associates can determine if you are trustworthy. Presentations should be detailed, accurate and thorough and it is advisable to have evidence to back up your claims.

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