Create Global GreenSucces!

Create Global GreenSucces!

Creating an environment that promotes “GreenSucces” globally is an intriguing thought. Many companies are changing the traditional way that they used to do business. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica, first published in Scotland in 1768, has announced this week that it is to cease publishing its printed edition.

What could “GreenSucces” mean? A world where we encourage everyone to rely on natural energy sources, where we ALL aim to recycle everything that can be recycled and where the food we eat is produced without chemicals.

“But we are already doing that!” is the cry. Is that really true?

There are many articles available with tips for business to create “GreenSucces”, but are we all consistently diligent? Those most relevant are:

  • Turn off equipment when it’s not being used
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Use old paper to make notes
  • Encourage email communication
  • Use a fax-modem and don’t print
  • No dripping taps!
  • Find a supply of paper with maximum recycled content, recycle your old paper
  • Choose suppliers who take back packaging for reuse
  • Save delivery energy waste – buy “greener” products and services locally
  • Upgrade old cooling systems and use timing devices to control usage

When we explore how many of the above items EVERY member of our team employs EVERY day we may be shocked to find that many individuals have the attitude that it isn’t my money, so I don’t have to be careful. They don’t reuse paper, don’t print on both sides where possible and don’t report a dripping tap because they haven’t seen “beyond” the money aspect.

So, becoming part of “GreenSucces” relies as much on communicating the right message to the team in the right way, as it does on recognising and embracing what needs to be achieved. It would be great to learn some of the advice you may have towards being effective in creating team buy-in for global “GreenSucces”.

What tips can you share towards creating an enabling Global GreenSucces environment in your business?

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