Create a Powerful Presentation

Create a Powerful Presentation

We’ve all attended a meeting where a presenter simply read out the text on the slides and we’ve walked away without having engaged in any meaningful way or absorbed any new information.

PowerPoint can be a good tool for training or pitching, but should not be the primary vehicle to convey your message. Think of the event as an experience which requires involvement from all participants. Here are 7 steps to create a presentation that will be more of a learning experience:

Engage and energise

The energy in the room must remain high and participants fully alert. Walk the room and show interest in the attendees.


Always think ahead for what’s needed and what could go wrong. If a video is to be shown, make sure the lights are dimmed and that you have VGA adapters and slide clickers ready with fresh batteries.


Work to encourage discussion in the room and try to ensure that everybody has a chance to speak.

Connect the dots

Make sure that everyone knows the content, agenda and speakers. It’s important to create connections for the participants, so they see the “big picture”.

Respect the agenda

Start and finish on time – many of the participants will have other commitments before and after the event. Adhere to scheduled breaks.

Be prepared

All session materials should be printed and prepared in advance and handouts delivered before the session. Have a list of filler activities and discussions that can be used if the session finishes early.

Recognise and celebrate. The success of any session depends on the participants, so thank everyone at the end. Recognise their hard work and attention and ask each attendee to share a key point from the session which they’ll take away with them. These feel-good moments will create learning that sticks!

Are you creating engaging presentations?

Adapted from an article by Daryl Spreiter,

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