United Success Global Association Membership Code of Conduct

  • The first term of membership is valid until 31 December of the year in which you join. Members who join during the year will receive prorated invoices.

  • Membership thereafter is valid for one year.

  • United Success Global Association will send you a renewal invoice for the following year in December of each preceding year. This is payable by 31st January of the new membership year.

  • Your membership will be ‘automatically’ renewed unless you give notice to United Success Global Association, in writing, at least one calendar month before the renewal membership period begins.

  • United Success Global Association may allow a Member to pay the annual fee in instalments at terms to be mutually agreed on.

  • United Success Global Association will apply its income solely for fostering, managing and maintaining a flourishing worldwide network.

  • United Success Global Association may allocate part of its income to non-profit organisations who aim at enhancing women business owners.

  • Personal information on the United Success Global Association website will always be secured with industry standard protocols and technology.

  • Personal contact information such as Email, Skype and Mobile numbers will only be accessible to other Members of United Success Global Association. This information will NOT be shared with any third parties for marketing or other purposes.

  • United Success Global Association will abstain from providing personal identifiable information to any third parties for marketing or other purposes.

  • United Success Global Association may remove or discard content that is not appropriate, with or without notice.

  • Members undertake not to utilise the membership database for bulk mailing

  • Members undertake to respect other members when utilising any member communication platform and agree that any postings made will not contain politically tinted content nor contain any disparaging undertones.

  • United Success Global Association will not assume responsibility for damage to any party in whatever form or magnitude which is caused by its Members or which may arise from information published on the website.
  • A Member understands that subscribing to this Code of Conduct is fundamental to the credibility and integrity of United Success Global Association and all its Members in whatever category of membership they enjoy.

  • Any infringement of the Code of Conduct will result in discontinuation of the Membership agreement.

If you have any queries, please let us know at info@unitedsuccess.global