Brand Strategy Planning for 2016

Brand Strategy Planning for 2016

Small business owners may not have huge amounts to spend on conventional advertising and marketing campaigns, but there are other options that are effective.

Strategic partnerships

It is crucial to remember that strategic partnerships are not mergers, but a joining together of entrepreneurs who wish to maximise their potential by sharing skills, networks and ideas. Put the agreement in writing, so there’s no misunderstanding from either party in terms of what is expected from the arrangement.

Running competitions

The prospect of winning something can be irresistible, which is why so many companies run competitions to keep their brand ahead of their own competition.


This can be a highly effective form of marketing for businesses of any size. More engaging, more targeted, and often cheaper than advertising, it can create a relationship with loyal fans in a very short space of time. The key to success lies in the targeting and negotiation.

Sharing expertise

It may be that a small business brand could benefit from exposure within a local or sector audience. One way of maximising this is for someone within the company to put themselves forward as a speaker at business clubs, groups and events focusing on their own area of knowledge and expertise. This knowledge and expertise can be further shared through blogging, columns in industry press and across social media.


A well-planned and well attended event is another way of ensuring a business brand stays firmly on the commercial radar. Careful planning before, during and after the event is a vital to ensure that people are first given an incentive to attend, then during the event they must be given a reason to listen and afterwards they need to be encouraged to stay in touch and interact with the host brand.

Have you planned your brand strategy for this year?

Adapted from an article by Alison Coleman, Guardian Small Business

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