Boost Your Creativity

Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is essential to your business strategy. Creativity provides energy and inspiration to charge your business and helps you stand out from your competition. If you’re reading this and realise you haven’t felt creative in a while, you’ve probably been too focused on work and not focused enough on yourself.

That lack of connection also can lead to getting stuck in a business rut. So, how do you reconnect? Read on!

Talk to a child

Children have powerful imaginations and enough curiosity and knowledge to put ideas together in a fascinating way. Listen to how they see the world. Ask what they think of zippers and buttons, or learn why they think the sky is blue. Even if your own creativity doesn’t bubble to the surface, you’ll probably laugh, and laughter is a great way to lighten up and connect to brilliant ideas.

Make something

Many entrepreneurs have an artistic side or a desire to make something new. The act of creation is creativity at play! Whatever your interest – painting, drawing, photography, moulding clay – start an artistic project. Choose one you can complete within a few days because this jump-start method works best if you can finish the project before you return to your normal routine.

Go somewhere new

If you can’t take a vacation, consider neighbourhood museums, cafes, parks, plays and other destinations. The point is to create a new experience in an unfamiliar setting. This enables you to rediscover how you respond to new stimuli. Bonus points if you get lost and find an entirely new neighbourhood you’ve never explored!

Do something that scares you

This is not (necessarily) jumping out of a plane or bungee jumping. It could be karaoke, or attending an event where you know nobody. The surge of accomplishment can lead to many new ideas and will allow you focus 100 percent of your energy on the now. You’ll gain pride in yourself and learn that shifting your attention to another area can pave the way for creativity.

Pet a dog (unless you’re allergic)

Therapy dogs exist for a reason: whatever ails you, petting a dog increases your joy. If you’re happier, you’re more likely to tap into your creative powers.

Keep a notebook with you so that you can capture the ideas these activities will generate. The best ideas will come to you at the most inconvenient times and places – or when your smartphone battery is dead and those list-making apps are out of reach. The final piece of this process is reviewing what you’ve written and playing with ways to turn ideas into clients and revenue. Dare yourself to be bold, and just watch what happens.

Are you doing enough to keep your creative juices flowing?

Adapted from an article by Heather Markel,

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