Are you telling stories?

Are you telling stories?

Within a business context, Facebook has thrust storytelling centre stage. The introduction of Facebook Timelines a few months ago meant that companies were forced to develop a strategy for organising and curating their histories and stories contained therein, in readiness for a very public outing.

Brands such as Burberry were among those who launched Timelines and have done a spectacular job of bringing their histories to life. Facebook is of course an inherently visual platform and it has been interesting to see how it has forced brands to evaluate and evolve their stories supplemented by iconic images that might have been lying dormant in their archives for decades.

The business case for company storytelling is clear cut and we should all draw out and develop content that will inspire internal and external stakeholders.

There are two other areas where great storytelling comes into play; each and every business leader should grow their own personal story; and every great brand must weave a storyline that excites and motivates consumers to purchase. Importantly, the three story strands, company, brand and personal must dovetail and be in sync with each other.

While many business owners spend time and energy focusing on brand and company storytelling, few of them stop to consider and plan their personal stories. Values such as authenticity, clarity, simplicity and engagement are fundamental to great storytelling.

Narrative communication enables us to connect on both an intellectual, as well as on an emotional level, in ways in which other forms of communication cannot. Storytelling helps bring reality to life in a compelling and engaging way and when used well can be very powerful.

Have you documented – and told – your company, brand and personal stories?

Adapted from an article by Michele McGrath, COO at Brand Learning.

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