Amaze and delight your clients!

Amaze and delight your clients!

Share your industry expertise with clients and create keyword-rich content for search engines. Let your company be visible. Create a company blog.

According to the latest MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, blogging is a standard tactic in the business-to business (B2B) marketer’s arsenal. 70% of B2B marketers said they were writing on a company blog.

Creating a company blog that integrates with your social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing strategies requires more than just setting up a page and letting writers have a go at it, states the report.

A case study of successful company blog revealed that an 8 point strategy is vital for the success of the blog:

Step 1: Set goals for the blog
For example, you might want your blog to:

Provide company news updates;
Offer commentary on industry trends; and
Share educational or how-to content.

Step 2: Develop keyword lists to incorporate into blog post
Provide strong keyword coverage to:

Target different types of readers
Target key industry sectors and types of services
Target gaps in your website SEO strategy

Step 3: Create an editorial calendar
With keyword lists established, your team can create a full-year editorial calendar. This will ensure your blog’s content covers all chosen phrases.

Step 4: Enlist key team members as blog authors
Having multiple blog authors has several benefits. It lessens the burden on one person to provide posts each week. It also creates a natural diversity in phrasing and word choice, to provide better search-optimised content.

Step 5: Provide writing guidelines
Re-iterate the goals of the blog and stipulate number of words

Step 6: Set generous deadlines
Set formal but realistic deadlines to accommodate the editing process.

Step 7: Use an editor to polish and optimise posts
Assign a blog editor to:

Review content for clarity, voice and relevance;
Review keyword use and placement
Write title tags and descriptions that incorporate keywords;
Find images and rename them to include keywords; and
Find appropriate links to other website content.

Step 8: Share metrics, comments and success stories with writers

Be sure to praise and encourage blog authors for their work with each author receiving a by-line on their blog posts.

Are you marketing and positioning your company with a blog?

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