6 New Year’s Resolutions for Business/Life Balance!

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Business/Life Balance!

Most people seek an improved business/life balance and Susan M Heathfield offers 6 ideas to “make your year” for 2013.

Practice professional courage by stepping out of the comfort zone. When an issue occurs and a leader catches themselves moving towards the usual “safe” solution it is sometimes better to state what the real thought processes are, as it is important that all involved in the company provide honest feedback and participate in sometimes needed conflict to improve products or service delivery for customers.

Listen more and talk less. As leaders, we spend much of our time in problem-solving activities and efforts. Listen to all that the team is saying; they may want a sounding board, not advice or problem solving. In Stephen Covey’s words, seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Develop a method to track life goals, daily engagements, and the to do list. Using a planner allows the individual to empty much of the daily detail from their mind and makes room for more important thinking.

Read voraciously to continue to learn and grow. Aim to read a couple of business books a month plus periodicals and online journals. Try to read widely and broadly to obtain perspective and to see how other subjects enhance viewpoints.

Take up a new hobby or activity this year. There are so many opportunities available for us to do something different so if something has always intrigued, resolve to take the first steps in participating this year.

Take yourself a little less seriously. As we strive for business success, we can get bogged down in serious deliberation, advising and problem solving. Take time to laugh. Take time to smell the grass. Smile when employees recount the crazy things they are doing; it isn’t necessary to be the business “mom” all the time. Enjoy them for all their little quirks and differences.

Do you have and any business/life balance tips to share with us for 2013?

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